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LEVEL 1 AND LEVEL 2 Hygiene and Safety Certificates

Price 30,00 EUR / 26,00 £ / 36,00 $

The programme is designed for the food industry and is developed to train employees involved in all aspects of preparation, storage and food service.

The course deals with information on hygiene, food-handling, and cleaning procedures.


  • To understand how to store food following safety regulations
  • To learn the rules about food handling
  • To improve the practices of serving food and drink.

Course content includes:

  • Food Poisoning – Why food safety is important in the catering sector
  • Bacteriology – Types of bacteria and factors that can affect its multiplication
  • Prevention of Contamination – Controlling measures that can be put into place to prevent the spread of bacteria
  • Temperature Control – How to measure food temperatures and how temperature control for certain food types will reduce the multiplication of bacteria
  • Personal Hygiene – How food handlers must maintain high levels of personal hygiene
  • Premises & Pest Control – The need to keep food premises maintained at high standard and the consequences for the food business if infestation occurs
  • Cleaning & Disinfection – Methods to keep premises and equipment in good order
  • The Law – The legal obligations of food handlers

The HACCP course is in e-learning, in order that anyone with an internet connection can attend it in anytime.

valid throughout the EU

LEVEL 1 AND LEVEL 2 Hygiene and Safety Certificates

Meets EU legal requirements for food handlers

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